Curious about art therapy?

Deep inside ourselves lies a source of infinite energy and potential: our imagination.

Unlike knowledge, imagination is unlimited and in the wise words of Albert Einstein “it will take you everywhere”.

Art therapy taps into both the imagination and sensory memory of our lives to help unlock blockages, make peace with difficult aspects of our human experience and open possibilities for the future.

No artistic experience is necessary for this art-based psychotherapy.  As children we all were multi-talented artists; as adults we all have a creative side waiting to be awakened and challenged.  Together, at your pace, we will draw, paint, collage, write, sing or dance what your mind imagines and what your body feels.

But art therapy is much more than just making art, it is also a dialogue, the opportunity to question, to reframe and give meaning.  The art therapy studio or online session is a safe space to share the thoughts associated with the creative process, a great revelator of our inner self. Often, seeing in 2 or 3D something we only considered with the mind or heart, permits a change in perspective, a breakthrough. With the support of the therapist, one can then engage in symbolic rituals to edit, transform, contain, or sometimes erase what is necessary for our evolution. These experiences can be very liberating and offer renewed insight into ourselves and our relationships, empowering us to take important decisions. 

Art therapy is a recognized form of mental health care, practiced in hospitals and mental health clinics worldwide. The latest research in neuroscience highlights the potential for art-based interventions in helping with trauma, depression and loss, as well as with chronic illnesses such as cancer.  Somatic psychology strengthens the importance of involving the body, as in art making, to effectively rewire the brain for increased resilience and trauma resolution.

Reach out and let’s start your healing journey together

My name is Marie, I am a 37 year-old art psychotherapist (children and adults) affiliated with the Mexican Institute of Art Psychotherapy (IMPA), with additional training in psycho-oncology and palliative care from the UNAM. If you want to know more about my background, go to About Marie. I look forward to connecting with you, in English, French or Spanish.

When engaging children in an art psychotherapy session, their imagination, their games and dreams become the language of our conversation.

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We all have a right to self-realization and fulfillment, whether in our relationships and/or occupation.

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Illness can make the bravest of us feeling lost: why me? What will happen to my family? will I recover? will I change?

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Another important aspect of life is celebration: birth, puberty, coming of age, graduations, engagement, weddings.. but also divorce, transitions, losses and death.

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Ready to gift yourself a creative exploration? A typical session, online or in my art therapy studio in Mexico City, lasts 60 minutes. We can also schedule an introductory session (20 Min) to answer any questions you might have. I look forward to connecting with you dear human.

As a multi-cultural profesional, sessions can be facilitated in English, French and Spanish.