Illness can make the bravest of us feeling lost: why me? What will happen to my family? will I recover? will I change?

Anxiety, fear, guilt, inability to concentrate, difficulty in talking with loved ones, changes in sleep patterns.. illness, physical and/or mental, can affect our quality of life significantly. In turn these side effects can impact our beliefs and hinder our ability to adapt to challenges.

Art therapy has specific tools and techniques to accompany you and your family through these challenging times. As an art therapist specialized in psycho-oncology, I have been practicing at a hospital with children and adults. I always adapt my sessions to your needs, and have experience working with patients with a range of abilities and pain level.

Once in an art session, your imagination takes over and you are in control again. Medical art therapy can help alleviate anxiety, facilitate communication with loved ones, and help you become more resilient.