About Marie

My name is Marie and I’m here to gently guide you on a creative and healing journey. I’m a 37 year-old artist and art psychotherapist trained in Spain (Metafora) and Mexico (IMPA), and doctoral student in Expressive Therapies (Lesley University, Boston). I am currently researching the possibility of an art-based non-verbal language for people ill with cancer or in palliative care, inspired by my degree in psycho-oncology at the UNAM at the General Hospital in Mexico City.

A graduate of the MIT-Harvard Medical School Innovation in Healthcare, I am a firm believer that a trans-disciplinary approach to healing will permit a major paradigm shift and breakthrough in our lifetime

A curious optimist at the core, I know for a fact that we all possess infinite reserves of imagination, and the ability to adapt and grow. With art and play, we will discover how your amazing mind works, its triggers and blockages, and enable your unique self to reveal and express itself. My wish is for you to make the most of your human experience.

Prior to my career in art therapy, I studied Public Affairs and Governance at London School of Economics and IEP Sciences-Po Paris (Master level). I hold my Bachelors from Macalester College (MN, USA) where I majored in Political Science, Premedical studies and Gender studies. I worked several years in both the corporate and NGO world, always eager to use my skills for a fairer and ecologically responsible society. A polymath, I tap into my diverse background and interests to feed our dialogue and your reflexion with relevant and original metaphors.

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